Advent Calendar Holiday Box

Advent Calendar Holiday Box

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Value Of $220

 This 12 piece Advent Calendar set lets you count down the days until the holiday season. 


1 Oi Shampoo 90ml

1 Oi Conditioner 75ml

1 All In One Milk 50ml

1 Oi Hair Scent 50ml

1 Oi Hand Balm 75ml

1 Essential Momo Shampoo 75ml

1 Essential Momo Conditioner 75ml

1 Essential Dede Solid Shampoo 100g

1 The Circle Chronicles Spotlight Circle Hair Mask 50ml

1 NaturalTech Nourishing Shampoo Sachet 12ml

1 NaturalTech Nourishing Conditioner Sachet 12ml

1 NauturalTech Nourishing Mask Sachet 12ml

1 Liquid Spell 50ml

1 More Inside Blowdry Primer 100ml

1 Decorated Carton