Elixir Nourishing Oil 4.2 fl oz

Elixir Nourishing Oil 4.2 fl oz

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Whether you've spent the day in a convertible, had a roll in the hay, or your finger somehow got stuck in the proverbial socket, äz Haircare's Elixir Nourishing Oil is the nourishment your soulless frizz and out of hand wave and curl have been craving. It is like a keratin treatment in a bottle! the proprietary blends of this oil has the ability to moisturize, defrizz and protect your hair against thermal damage and humidity, while making it smooth, soft and non greasy. It aids in color retention and restores strength by preventing damage and healing cuticle layers that have been stressed by the elements.

Features & Benefits:
Proprietary blend of naturally derived oils with a combination of silicone amino fluids
Coconut oil
Silicone oxygen link
Improved hydrophobicity
Thermal activated protection resistant to attack by extreme temperatures
Restores strength, smoothness, manageability and shine for dry hair
Creates a barrier shield preventing cuticle lift, reducing breakage
Humidity shield
Prolonged color retention


Put on wet hair to smooth out the kinks and on dry hair so you can shine.
Apply on towel dried hair working your way from the bottom up.
Use a few extra drops at the end of your blowout for polish and shine.